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I have been interested in textiles since I was a child, threading needles for my Aunty Blod, who was an avid quilter! Needlework is in my blood - my grandmother was a milliner and my Mum stitched all her life up to the age of 97. Her interest was in more formal stitching but she appreciated new approaches.


I studied needlework at Barry Training College and whilst teaching at primary school for a number of years kept up my interest in embroidery as more of a hobby. I  taught craft evening classes at the local college which covered topics such as copperwork, basketry, etc.


About twenty years ago I joined the Embroiderer's Guild and was introduced to free machine embroidery. After my first workshop, I sang all the way home!! I knew this was for me!


My interest in all aspects of textiles was further developed whilst studying City and Guilds Embroidery Parts 1 and 2, and after deciding on a career change I spent nine years teaching embroidery in the community. This included City and Guilds Textiles to diploma level. In 2006 I was awarded NIACE Inspirational Tutor of the Year award.


I have taught workshops in many parts of the country and in Spain, given talks to a variety of groups and run textile skill days for A/S and A level students.


I am particularly interested in 3D forms and textural surfaces, interpreting photographs and drawings into stitch. These ideas I develop by using recycled and found materials - fruit nets and plastic bags are good fun to use! My intention is to develop workshops where everyone will learn new skills but most of all enjoy the experience of creating and stitching.

Tuesday 4th February "Embellish!"

 Have an Embellishing machine ? Like to use it more? Create different textures? Come and try a variety of techniques. 

All day workshop 10am to 4pm cost £40, held in Fleur de Lys near Blackwood.

Interested? email me please

Wednesday 19th February "Trapunto"

 Back to visit the creative ladies in Pontaddulus for a day of painting, stitching and padding to creat a Trapunto panel !

25th February "Jungle Bags"

Come along for a textural hand stitching day !

Workshop held in Fleur de Lys near Blackwood , 10am to 4pm cost £40

Please email me if interested

Sat 29th February " Paint Weave Stencil Stitch"

Create a colourful panel by colouring, cutting and weaving stitching, and stencilling.

All day workshop held in Fleur de Lys near Blackwood, 10am to 4pm, cost £40.

Interested ? email me please !

Saturday 14th March " Stitch, Layer, Cut and Bead"

Layer, stitch, cut, hand stitch and bead a colourful panel .

All day workshop, 10am to 4pm, held in Fleur de Lys near Blackwood, cost £40 .

Interested? email me please !

Sat 11th April "Don't pay for a carrier bag!"

Enjoy a day of play !  Paint, stencil, free machine, stitch onto dissolvable, hand stitch , cut holes and dip --- 


Transform a plain old brown paper carrier bag into something beautiful. 

All day workshop (10am - 4pm) in Fleur de Lys nr Blackwood Caerphilly.

Cost £40 -- email me please if interested!

5th and 6th April

Looking forward to two busy days in Bishops Coundle

-- more Embellishing !

24th April "Dont Pay for a Carrier Bag!"

Private workshop .

If you would like to book a workshop for you and/or your friends , try new and different techniques -- just email me please


Sat 2nd April

"Jungle Bag " workshop with Gwent Guild , Weavers and Spinners -- first visit for me , looking forward to meeting everyone!

13th June

"Jungle Bag" workshop 

First visit to Frome Embroiderers Guild !

4th July

"Dont Pay for a Carrier Bag!" workshop with Itchy Fingers group in Gorseinon , looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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